Top 3 Birthday Party Themes For Boys and Girls


It’s not uncommon for parents to search the internet for inspiration when planning their kid’s next birthday party. There’s no shame in wanting the best party possible for you child and wanting your kid’s birthday party theme to be fully instagram worthy. If you’re looking for your party to be a memorable one and a hit with the kids , take a look at our Top 3 Birthday Party Themes for boys and girls.


This one’s a given. We used to imagine mermaids and unicorns were just mythical creatures found in storybooks and movies, yet everywhere we turn we see unicorns and mermaids on t-shirts, backpacks, and even recently in Starbucks frappucinos. The colour, glitter, and magical idea of it all makes for awesome decor ideas and colour schemes. Plus, the kids love it!

This is a theme you can really create at a simple or extravagant level. It’s easy to accomplish, all you need is a bit of imagination and a lot of colour! Turn to Pinterest for Mermaid themed decor and fun food ideas, and bring in some balloons and bubbles that fit the theme.  Add nautical accessories to make it an “Under the Sea” adventure.  


What better way to express your kids roller coaster of expressions than creating the ultimate emoji themed birthday! With the ever growing popularity of social media and apps, it's no wonder emojis have become a worldly obsession. They’ve made their way out of the internet and in our everyday lives now with pillows, t-shirts, greeting cards, and now Hollywood movies! Decorate your birthday party venue with emoji themed balloons, plates, cake toppers, and fun foods. This is a theme your kids will certainly have a lot of fun with :D


A classic birthday favourite for kids of all ages! There’s nothing like arriving to a party full of sweets and treats. Bring in some fun decor that fits with the theme like chocolate coloured balloons and banners, perhaps candy bars that compliment mixing with chocolate.  Chocolate Tales Kids is a great party option if you’re hosting your chocolate themed birthday party in Toronto. A chocolatier will come to your home  and teach the special birthday child and their guests all about making chocolate! Not only is it a unique and fun experience, but your chocolatier party host will take care of the entire setup and cleanup of all the chocolate making tools and equipment allowing parents to sit back and enjoy the party.  

An added benefit is all the chocolate is 100% smooth belgian chocolate with nut-free ingredients, so children with nut allergies can join in on the fun.

If you’re planning your child’s next birthday party, get in touch with Chocolate Tales Kids for our chocolate making parties and packages. Contact us today to get the party planning started!