Turn Your Kid’s Birthday Party Story Into a Happy Chocolate Tale!

Is your child already starting to plan (or talk about) their next birthday party? Depending on your child’s age, you’ve probably had a few birthdays at typical spots like the bowling alley, the movies, or another play centre.  Maybe for their next birthday, you can help your child think outside the box and plan something truly unique and memorable. I remember when I was a kid, almost right after I had a birthday party or attended a friend’s birthday party, I’d start shouting out ideas of where I wanted to have my next one.  I always wanted to have my birthday party at a place that would excite my friends when I told them about it.  It’s no big surprise to my close friends when I turned my love of birthday parties and chocolatey sweetness into a career as a chocolatier with Chocolate Tales!  

As a chocolatier with Chocolate Tales, I host kids birthday party events in Toronto.  We turn kids’ birthday parties into chocolate-making sensations and I love it, probably even more than the kids do! The kids have such a blast as they become little chocolate monsters.  Our chocolate-making experience is definitely entertainment you can taste! The kids learn all about Belgian chocolate as they create their own tiny masterpieces that they can take home, eat, and enjoy.



One thing that can be a challenge nowadays when it comes to hosting your child’s birthday is ensuring the safety of children that have food allergies.  You never want to have anyone feel left out because of food allergies which is why our Chocolate Tales experience is a perfect choice for kids birthday parties.  All of our ingredients, including our 100% Belgian chocolate is completely nut-free, so anyone can join in on the fun.  

If you want to let give your little chocolate monsters a bit of creative freedom in the kitchen, let us host your event for you.  Our Chocolate Tales birthday experience can happen anywhere you plan your party, whether it’s at home or in a party room, we come to you.  Worried about this mess?  Not to worry, our Chocolatiers take care of the setup and cleanup from start to finish, it’s a pretty sweet deal for busy parents out there, I’d say.  

Give us a call, we can discuss your options and ways you can customize our party packages to fit your child’s ideas of a perfect birthday party.  Allow us to help! At Chocolate Tales we offer exciting and memorable experiences for kids and teens aged 4-16 in a fun atmosphere with our trained entertainers and chocolatiers, in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Toronto, Etobicoke, and the GTA.