Kids Birthday Party Ideas


Kids Birthday Party Ideas


It’s the day your kid dreams of all year long: their birthday. It’s a day of big celebration, fun with family and friends and, of course – cake! While your child dreams about it, for you as a parent their birthday can be stressful to plan, but it doesn’t need to be! You just need a kids birthday party idea that is affordable, will create an amazing day, and isn’t stressful to put together. Sounds difficult, but trust us – it isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Brainstorm Themes

What is your child’s favourite book, movie, toy, etc? Do they have a certain band they really enjoy or a favourite colour that they want to focus on? By picking a theme well in advance, you will be able to pick out items and create invitations ahead of time to avoid the last minute rush.

There’s no secret that here at Chocolate Tales we love the theme of chocolate. It’s a simple theme with a ton of options for decorations, activities, dishes – you name it! It’s also a theme that’s enjoyable for all your kid’s’ friends. After all, who doesn’t like chocolate?

Plan a Venue

Will you host the party at your own home? This may be the best option if you want full control over the decorating theme. Home parties mean you will get to have the most freedom over how everything is setup, as well as how long the event will run and what activities will take place. Plus, having the party at home is often the most affordable option.

If your home isn’t large enough, or you don’t want to deal with messy kids, you can also have the party at an outside location; such as a bowling alley, mini golf course, the movie theatre or even a museum! These locations won’t offer as much freedom in terms of decorating, but it is a good idea for those who would rather have the activities set up and run by the establishment.

Prepare for the Party

How will you invite guests? Remember your theme and send invites that match, giving your child’s friends an idea of what to expect. For example, if you’re planning a chocolate themed party, try sending out invites that look like chocolate bars!

Decide on a few activities you want to include. Whether your event is being hosted at home or at a venue, you still have options for activities you can add. Perhaps you’ll have a scavenger hunt or a game of tag. Come up with a list of things to choose from, so that the partygoers have options that are sure to excite them. You could even have a game where the kids can vote for their favourite activity.

Every party has a cake, so pick out something extra creative. Ask your child what their dream cake would be, perhaps you can get some inspiration from them. If possible, have the cake match the theme - will it be shaped like a race car? How about the dress of a Barbie doll? Is the cake big enough for all your guests or should you make Mini Cakes (a.k.a cupcakes)? Consider having the party center around baking tasty treats, to give each kid a creative and tasty experience.

When you’ve completed some advance preparation, you’ll find that when your child’s special birthday arrives you can sit back and watch your plans fall in place. When you’re not running around stressing about the details, you can actually enjoy the party and watch your child’s delight in having a day to themselves.