Birthday Parties in Toronto For Kids to Teens


Birthday Parties in Toronto For Kids to Teens


Do you live in or around the GTA? Are you looking for ideas for your teen’s or kid’s next  birthday party in Toronto? We can help!

Your kids’ birthday party is one of the most exciting days of the year, though you may be cringing just thinking about all the work and planning you’ll have to do. Don’t fret, a perfect birthday party has never been easier to put together.

At Chocolate Tales Kids, we offer several options that will make the planning process disappear – all you’ll have to do is make a simple phone call. Whether your child is 4 years old, or in their teens, we have a party for you.

Kids Parties for Children Aged 4-6

These parties last 45 minutes to an hour, or you can customize our party options to create your own chocolate party. The activities are age appropriate and include chocolate storytelling, chocolate finger painting, hand-rolled chocolate and truffles, as well as creating animal shaped lollipops, and cake decorating.

The party is mess-free, meaning we will do all the clean up! Chocolate Tales also provides gift boxes filled with chocolate for all your party attendees, so you don’t need to worry about putting together gift bags. You also don’t need to worry about getting a cake — we provide that as well. Just invite your guests and get ready to have fun!

Kids Parties for Children Aged 6-12

A party for this age group begins with an exciting twist about the history of chocolate making. Your child then gets the opportunity to make their own chocolate. Some of the activities include making chocolate shavings on a marble slab, creating and decorating a chocolate lava cake, making hand-rolled chocolates and truffles, and dunking marshmallows in chocolate before decorating them.

Every party includes chocolate filled gift boxes, all supplies and equipment needed for the party, a birthday cake, and more. The best part for both you and the partygoers? We clean up!

Chocolate Parties for Teens

At Chocolate Tales Kids, we believe you’re never too old for chocolate. A chocolate party is sure to be something every teenager will love. With our unique chocolate making activities your teen will get to make their own chocolates, decorate, and best of all, eat it all too!

All our programs are hands on, immersive, and fun for all!

Customized Chocolate Parties

Not a fan of ready made, cookie-cutter party packages? Want to make sure that we include a unique activity in your child’s chocolate making party? You can create a custom party where you can pick and choose your kids favourite activities. We offer several party options including a cotton candy machine, slushy machine and even a chocolate fountain! Customizing your Chocolate Party program gives an extra special touch that will make your kids birthday party one to remember!

So, what are you waiting for? Is this the dream party your son or daughter has always wanted? Does a mess free, stress free party sound like bliss? Contact us today and book your Chocolate Tales Kids Party!