A Kid’s Birthday is a Celebration of Moms

When it comes to planning a kid’s birthday party, there's no telling how far a Mom will go to make sure every detail of the party is perfect. A child’s birthday is special in two very different ways: For the child, it’s a day of cake, gifts, friends, and fun.  For the mom, it’s a reminder of that very special day that they brought a new baby into the world and met them for the first time. So, it’s no wonder you’ll often see a mom jumping over hurdles or going above and beyond to make sure their child’s favourite TV show or movie character is on their cake or the balloons that coordinate perfectly with the decor. It’s a day to show their child just how much they are loved by giving them an unforgettable birthday party.

As a birthday party coordinator at Chocolate Tales Shop, we see a lot of these happy moments being shared between a child and their parents during their birthday party.  

We meet a lot of moms and dads that have a lot of questions about the activities we host, the timing, clean-up, and all the other nitty gritty details. The first few days leading up to the day is always the busiest for the parents. It feels good to be in a position to give the parents a bit of relief, especially when we tell them that we take care of all the setup and cleanup, as well as keep the kids entertained.

Our Chocolate Tales Shop birthday party packages are really popular because it’s fun, tasty, completely hassle-free for the parents. We’re a belgian chocolate-making themed birthday party designed to be mobile, so we’ll come to you! All the ingredients are included in the package, alongside with in-home setup and cleanup, as well as the children’s homemade treats that are packaged into decorative boxes – which takes care of the loot bags! We use 100% smooth belgian chocolate which is nut-free, so everyone (including parents) can enjoy tasting the belgian chocolate creation without anyone having to miss out!

I really enjoy my days hosting birthday parties – it’s a happy job! What better way to spend a day at “work” than at a birthday party. For me, it really is a win-win when children are having an exciting time learning and creating their own chocolates. I learn a little more about creativity after every party, because children really have a great sense of imagination and are able to make unique chocolate creations.

If you’re thinking of special things to do for your kid’s birthday party in Toronto and surrounding areas, get in touch with Chocolate Tales Shop. We have so many sweet options to choose from:

- Chocolate finger painting
 - Hand-rolling chocolates and truffles
 - Making chocolate shavings on a marble slab
 - Cake decorating
 - Animal shaped lollipop making
 - Chocolate lava cake making and decorating
 - Chocolate marshmallow dunking and decorating
 - Experimenting with chocolate fountains and coloured chocolate
 - Making your own cake pops, cupcakes, or hot chocolate

Get started on planning your child’s next big event by booking a chocolate party with Chocolate Tales Shop.