7 Reasons to Throw a Chocolate Making Birthday Party

A birthday party is more than a reason to celebrate. It’s an opportunity to create cherished, long lasting memories for you and your child. Chocolate Tales offers unique kids entertainment in Toronto by teaching party guests how to make their own sweets. Here’s a breakdown of the top seven reasons to invite a chocolatier to your child’s birthday.

1.  We Specialize in Kids Entertainment

Every parent knows how hard it can be to keep kids occupied. Like any good kids entertainment in Toronto, our parties let kids get that energy out in a constructive way. Our chocolatiers thrive in high-energy environments and are trained to keep kids engaged.

2. It’s Unique!

Our parties provide a much different experience than most kids entertainment in Toronto. We also have options that let you customize your child’s party. Make the birthday boy or girl feel special by ordering a chef’s hat for them to wear. Then they can keep it as a souvenir!

3. It’s Fun for All Ages

Rarely does kids entertainment appeal to both preschoolers and teenagers. But, then again who doesn’t love chocolate? We offer parties for different age groups (four to six; six to twelve; and teenagers). The youngest party-goers will enjoy activities like chocolate finger painting and animal shaped lollipop making. Teenagers can tackle more advanced techniques like specialty truffle making.

4. Perfect for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

On these very special occasions, family and friends of all ages come out to celebrate. Our chocolatiers’ experience in adult friendly, kids-entertainment comes in handy. Guests can prepare their own chocolate at chocolate making stations or just sit back and enjoy the show… and the chocolate!

You can also assure your guests that all our chocolate is both kosher and nut free.

5. It’s Educational

We believe that the best kids entertainment in Toronto leaves their audience with more than just a smile. Our chocolatiers always include an educational component in their performances. Combine that with the hands-on nature of the program and you’ve got a room full of kids that are totally engaged. Teens will learn a little about the history of chocolate and some chocolate making techniques. They’ll remember what they learned because of how much fun they had learning it.

6. No Mess, No Fuss

You may be skeptical, but a chocolate making party may actually be more convenient than a regular party. Our chocolatier will arrive anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes before the party (depending on your program). Then they’ll set up what they need to provide our special brand of kid’s entertainment. Feel free to contact us for details about our no mess experience!

7. We’re Adaptable

Kids entertainment providers in Toronto need to be adaptable. So we are happy to accommodate any number of guests. We also do not have any layout requirements, we can come to whatever location or venue works best for you.

We hope you’ll consider booking one of our chocolatiers the next time you are looking for kid’s entertainment in Toronto.