10 Simple Ways to Bond With Your Child



Life is busy, and although we do so many things for our children every day, it’s important to take some time to bond with them outside the usual routine. Sure, we spend hours of our day with our children: in the car, swimming lessons, dance class, grocery shopping, at home during dinner and watching television. But, during these times are we actually bonding with our children? Or are we just in the same place at the same time? Nonchalantly asking our children, “how was school today?” is great but wouldn’t it be better to witness their progress, learning, and development first hand?  


Your children are progressing so fast at school, where they spend the majority of the day. And while they’re at school, you’re keeping busy working full-time or taking care of things at home. So, by the time everyone comes home for evening dinner, it doesn’t leave much time or energy for real family bonding. Until the next day rolls around again. Sound familiar?


Well, bonding with your children on a daily basis helps contribute to building a respectful and lasting relationship between a parent and their child. Not to mention creating wonderful lasting memories. Here are some easy ways you can bond with your child, even with a busy schedule:


  1. Go on evening walks.

  2. Set a monthly one-on-one date night with Mom or Dad. You can alternate between parents. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, like an ice cream date or a day at the park.

  3. Read a short story together.

  4. Do some gardening.

  5. Take a road trip.

  6. Play a board game.

  7. Massage, manicures, or pedicures.

  8. Create a slumber party in the family room.

  9. Teach them card games.

  10. Get crafty.


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