Kids Birthday Parties Toronto 4-6

Kids birthday parties Toronto


Our Chocolate Making Parties for kids aged 4-6 are hands-on with plenty of variety - your kids will be thrilled! The activities are entertaining and program content is age appropriate. The children enjoy chocolate storytelling and play interactive games with chocolate, learning something new along the way! 


Our Chocolatier will arrive at any location of your choice, and provide a full setup - hassle & mess free. 


If you require a venue for your party, please contact us for further details. *Depending on your location we might be able to provide an appropriate solution. 


 Length of Activities: 

45 minutes - 75 minutes  (or create your own party for more options!)


What we can offer:  

Set-up, chocolatier entertainment, all chocolate and equipment required for the party, gift boxes filled with chocolate, birthday cake solution, additional chocolate/baking activities, mess Free.



Features of Chocolate: Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Kosher


Extras:  “Create your own Party” "Camp & Group Packages"


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Contact us for further details: / 1800.905.2858


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For some parents planning birthday parties is fun, but each year it can become more and more difficult. You probably don’t want to host the same party as last year – and if your child’s birthday is at the end of the birthday circuit, then coming up with unique kid’s birthday party ideas can be tough. You probably don’t want to do the same thing or go to your most recently attended venue.


Hosting a party at your home sounds simple, except when it comes to the cooking; preparing the work; post-party cleaning; and entertainment – it can be exhausting! A simpler solution is to find someone that will take care of the decorations, food, clean-up and entertainment. Ideally, look for an option where the only thing for you to do is open your door and celebrate the birthday child in tow.


When coordinating a birthday party, it’s a safe bet to plan around the likes and interests of your child. But go beyond a commercial theme like Thomas the Train or Dora. If your child likes animals, book a zoo party. If your child loves to swim or skate, book a party at your local community centre. And if your child loves to bake (or eat sweets) book a chocolate party!


At Chocolate Tales, our kid’s birthday party options are designed to be mobile and match the unique needs of the birthday child, their family, and guests. Chocolate might be messy, but our hassle-free parties are mess-free too. We take care of all the home set-up, including the chocolate ingredients, games, and equipment required for the party. We even provide the loot – gift boxes filled with chocolate.


Worried about allergies or dietary restrictions? A chocolate birthday party is nut-free, gluten-free and kosher.


In our experience, kids of all ages love chocolate (adults too!) So, we offer birthday parties for children ages 4 and up. With age appropriate activities, storytelling, interactive chocolate games and of course – homemade chocolate creations that every child can eat! Your child and guests will love being part of a party that’s tasty and fun.


Depending on the age of the birthday child, some of the party activities we offer include:

  - Chocolate finger painting

  - Hand-rolling chocolates and truffles

  - Making chocolate shavings on a marble slab

  - Cake decorating

  - Animal shaped lollipop making

  - Chocolate lava cake making and decorating

  - Chocolate marshmallow dunking and decorating

  - Experimenting with chocolate fountains and coloured chocolate

  - Making your own cake pops, cupcakes, or hot chocolate


You can create your own unique party, or choose from one of our affordable chocolate party packages. So, what are you waiting for? Help your budding pastry maker develop their culinary genius. Have fun watching them adorn their custom print aprons, chef jackets and chef hats (provided by us) and enjoy the pride and independence that comes from a session in your very own kitchen.


If your child loves to cook, help you in the kitchen or just likes to eat chocolate (hey, who doesn’t) then contact us today for details about our unique kids birthday parties. We’ve got lots of ideas to make your next birthday party extra special.

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