Allergy Awareness


At Chocolate Tales we believe that everyone should be able to safely enjoy high-quality chocolate!


Therefore we take the following steps to reduce the risk that allergens do not contaminate the chocolate products we use.


1. We never use peanuts, tree nuts, or any products derived from nuts in our classes.


2. We use certified nut free and peanut free chocolate. This chocolate is certified with qualifications meaning that:


The ingredient suppliers have taken necessary precautions to ensure that their products are nut-free;

The chocolate is made in a nut-free factory;

The chocolate is stored and transported hermetically.


Despite our best efforts, there always remains a small risk that during storage the chocolate could be exposed to products that contain nuts in the manufacturer's warehouse or in the environment where we offer our services. However, because even the smallest risk is not worth taking, we manage the residual risk by:


1. Request parents ask if any child has any serious food allergy and inform us if the child will attend the class.


2. Training our staff to recognize the signs of anaphylactic shock.


3. We require every child with a serious food allergy attend our classes equipped with an epinephrine injector and that either a parent attends with the child or that a medical release form is signed so that the epinephrine injector can be used by our staff without hesitation should a child require medication.


We can offer sugar-free chocolate for diabetics, Gluten, and egg sensitive classes.


 If you, your client or your child has any other allergies let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate.